Are the impacts of climate change causing disruption in your community, your business, or your agency?

You are not alone. The current climate crisis has become the new reality that organizations must consider when determining strategy, capital investments, public programming, and stakeholder engagement.

New ways of operating must consider the impacts of climate change, address the root causes of institutional and systemic racism, and move outside sector silos to make our communities healthy, safe, and resilient places to live.    

Do you need help creating and implementing stronger practices to advance racial equity in your organization?

Do you know what steps you need to take to prioritize efforts to improve public health and advance environmental justice for low-income communities and communities of color?

Do you know how to adapt to our new realities?




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Empowering a Green Environment & Economy, L.L.C. is a strategic consultancy committed to delivering people-centered solutions to transform communities. 

We work with you to develop solutions that center around the needs of people in a changing climate. We empower organizations to think beyond solutions used in the past and re-imagine solutions and strategies to co-create a better future for all.


Be humble, fair, and just with everyone.

Implement equitable processes for equitable outcomes.

Be transparent.

Be intersectional and holistic in our analysis.

Listen to all voices.


Climate change, environmental injustice, and the disinvestment in local and county-level public health infrastructure put our communities at a higher risk. Empowering a Green Environment & Economy, L.L.C. delivers solutions that center on the needs of people in a changing climate.

Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Resilient Climate

We provide creative, intersectional ideas to strengthen strategy, stakeholder collaboration, impact and climate resilience.

Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Healthy Community

We provide additional capacity, guidance, and partnership to support impactful programming and investments that improve community health.

Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Equitable Solutions

We design policy, programming, research agendas and organizational infrastructure to transform systems in a way that equity is no longer an after-thought, but a part of the process and desired outcomes.

Dr. Jalonne L. White Newsome

Work Streams

We use our cross-sectional experience and passion in developing strategy, implementing policy and programming, and strengthening institutional practices that empower a green environment and economy.


Climate Change Adaptation (Extreme Heat, Urban Flooding)

Racial Equity

Environmental Management

Strategy Development

Environmental Justice

Community Engagement

Grant Writing

Storytelling & Capturing


Environmental & Public Health

Urban Communities

Building Collaborations

Policy Analysis/Crafting


Program Strategy & Design

Philanthropic Advising

Liaison & Network Expander

Landscape Analysis

Grant Writing


Science Communication & Translation


Research Design & Implementation


Program Evaluation

Case Study Development

Gap Assessment

Curriculum Developer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jalonne in multiple capacities. Most notably, Jalonne has played an instrumental role in launching APHA's Center for Climate, Health, and Equity. Not only did she bring the weight of a national philanthropic organization, but she was also a true thought partner in reimagining climate and health equity work for the field of public health. Her background in environmental justice and health equity was invaluable in shaping the early strategy of and creating new partnerships for the Center. What I appreciate most about Jalonne is her willingness to give thought and care to all areas of her work."

Surili Patel, Ph.D

American Public Health Association

Director Center for Climate, Health, and Equity

Deputy Director for Public Health Policy

“As an environmental professional her knowledge on Global Warming and the long-term effects it may have on seniors is mind-blowing. Jalonne is the most meticulous and organized leader I have ever met. She also has the ability to adapt to any unexpected situation that comes her way. Jalonne's lifetime commitment to the environment and safety industry is above and beyond industry standards. I would recommend Jalonne for any project that requires a passion, distinctive, and knowledge approach."

Tamika L. Mitchell-Stafford

Advanced Supplier Quality Engineer

Detroit Manufacturing Systems


Meet Dr. Jalonne L. White-Newsome

Dr. Jalonne has been passionate about people, the environment, and justice her entire life.  A visionary, interdisciplinary leader and problem-solver, her personal and professional experience spans across multiple sectors, disciplines, and geographies.  She decided to pursue an independent consultancy after a 5-year career working as a senior program officer at a private, national foundation because of her desire to ‘roll her sleeves up’, remove institutional excuses to begin to solve across multiple sectors to address multiple areas of need.

Jalonne has balanced big budgets, managed large teams, given more than 100+ speeches/talks across the country, trained and taught people of all ages, served on multiple Boards and committees, and most importantly maintained her integrity and relationships.  Jalonne is not afraid to disrupt the norms and is primed and ready to address your toughest challenges.  Because each challenge is an opportunity waiting to emerge. 

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Photo Credit: Steve Ragland Photography

Photo Credit: Steve Ragland Photography

Innovative. Creative. Visionary. Experienced. Compassionate. Caring. Purpose Driven. Loving.

"I struggled to form sentences to describe Dr. Jalonne White Newsome. Her base of knowledge, experience, and success span social and economic issues. Her array of experiences are heightened by action, advocacy, an ability to write and facilitation.

If you are in need of a consultant, trainer, or facilitator, I highly recommend Jalonne. My recommendation is based not on reputation and observation alone, but by the success she has helped myself and others to attain over the years. "

Rev. Leo Woodberry

New Alpha Community Development Corporation

"Jalonne brings a longstanding commitment to advancing racial equity and climate justice. She is a distinct leader in her ability to bring a human-centered approach, bridging her deep concern for individual well-being with knowledge of climate science and how to make real, felt change leveraging philanthropic and public resources. Jalonne can and will walk with you from idea to strategy to implementation." 

Chera Reid, Ph.D

Director, Evaluation Roundtable 

Recently featured expert on CBS Sunday Morning News - January 24, 2021



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